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The beach of the village Trapeza, so-called Pounta, is considered among the best beaches in Peloponnese.

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Characterized by the crystal-clear and cool water, small pebbles, the width of the beach and the blue flag that has consistently earned every year since the start of this institution of certification of purity and health of the seas. It is easily accessible since it is only 200m. from the node Punta-Kalavrita New National Road. It offers comfortable and ample parking, providing all the facilities and amenities you will need.

Pounta is famous all Greeks and foreign tourists.

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The place is located in the center of the most famous ancient Greek mοnuments ( from 1 to 2 hours by car) that everybody knows. At the top of a 150 meters vertical rock at the back of the best blue flag beach Pounta is the village Trapeza.


Activities of Stavento



1. Hiking in the gorge of Vouraikos River. Take the little train from Diakopto and in half an hour you reach Zahlorou. From Zahlorou, descend the canyon from the international path E4, alongside the rack railway and Vouraikos River, to Diakopto. Duration approximately 4 hours. Alternatively you can walk to Mantiles (a bit more than half distance) and from there you take the train to Diakopto. Hiking in about 2.5 hours.

2. Visit Kalavryta with the world famous rack railway Diakopto Kalavryta. Unique route, through the gorge next to the Vouraikos River, in NATURA 2000 protected nature. The route of 23 kilometres covered in 1 hour and 5 minutes, very slowly, to allow visitors to see the beauty of the nature. At selected points the train almost stops. At the end of the route, in Kalavryta, you will walk through the historic small town of Kalavryta, between old stone buildings, traditional shops and visit the place of sacrifice, of whole male population of Kalavritians (total 1340 people) by the Nazis in 1943. You can sample local cheeses and dairy products, such as the famous Kalavryta feta (brand name), graviera cheese and traditional home made bio pasta and local bio beans and wild bio herbs. Lunch in local taverns and coffee shops, if you want. Return by the train to Diakopto. Departure in the morning from 8:00 and return 5:00 the afternoon.

3. Visit to the Mega Spilaio, the oldest monastery in Greece. Established in 360 AD. Impressive building into the rock that keeps a lot of holy relics, most precious is the icon by the hands of Evangelist Loukas, almost 2000 year old. Very helpful monks and the abbot of the monastery. Duration about 1 hour.

Then you can visit the open visit winery Tetramythos. The oenologist of the winery will explain the process of wine making in act. Wine tasting will followed by unique world local grape varieties. You can buy your wines at affordable prices, after the first try. Duration about 1 hour. Back. Total duration of 3 to 4 hours.

4. Visit to the Cave of the Lakes at Kastria. Needed about 1 hour and 30 minutes drive from the Diakopto. Possibility of guided tour upon request. Total duration of 4.5 hours. Best visitor season, winter and spring, when all the lakes are full.

5. Visit weirdest churches in the world. Inside the trunks of three plane trees. Total duration of 2 hours and 30 minutes.

6. Cycling on selected routes in around Diakopto mountains. Duration 2 hours. Larger demanding routes are available.

7. Horse riding tour, on selected paths in around Diakopto mountains, from local stables, riding good character horses by Thanasis, the owner of the stables. Duration from 1-3 hours, at your desire.

8. Explore the night sky in our facilities, with telescopes. Recognition constellations, planets and Moon observation, photography using special astronomical cameras. Ability of photographing galaxies, nebulae and star clusters. Upon request, because it requires a lot of preparation time and favorable weather conditions. Minimum 1 hour and maximum four hours.

9. Visit to Aigio, to the mansion of Panagiotopoulaion and Petmazaion ( in these became the secret meeting , that agreed the revolution of 1821 against the Turks), the city market, the museum, in which was filmed famous movie of director Theo Angelopoulos and under protect wetland of Aliki (station migratory birds in spring and autumn).

10. Skiing in Ski Center Helmos. WINTER PERIOD ONLY, JANUARY UNTIL END OF MARCH. Some times, till the end of April. Transfers to and by the ski enter, tickets, equipment rental. But you are staying at an accommodation in mild climate conditions, near sea, having normal winter temperatures 12-18 Celsius. Distance 45 km, maximum 1 hour from Diakopto to ski center. Departure in the morning and return in the afternoon.

11. Swim at the best beach in the Peloponnese, Pounta. Relaxation, calm and swim in the crystal clear waters of Pounta, with umbrellas, sun beds, service on the beach, food, drink, coffee, snack by Stavento restaurant-beach bar. Wi-Fi access on the beach. Unlimited time. FROM 1rst OF ΜΑΥ, TILL MID-NOVEMBER

12. Swim in private beaches, accessible only by sea, private moments. Transfer by fishing boat. Unlimited time. FROM 1rst OF ΜΑΥ, TILL MID-NOVEMBER

Possibility of combining activities to cover more than usual 7 days staying at the accommodation. The activities can be organized by us with the appropriate fee, or may be made by visitors (individual) with help of information from us, without our participation, with a rented car.

Ability package coverage: 1. with Breakfast 2. and lunch 3. and dinner and 4. and activities or without them.

In the premises of Stavento are: Total Greek Mediterranean cuisine from local fish and vegetables. Vegetarians menu upon request. Greek breakfast. Bread and local lamb in a traditional oven in our restaurant facilities.

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